Who Am I? [Resolved]

(:WAV) was going thru my history logs trying to find a post i wanted to re-read and i got promoted (:NRD)


any ideas?

I have no idea of what that might be. And btw, did you have admin power, so you could like close threads, and was your name Admin[Nick] when you opened another page or just while viewing old post?

EDIT: it seems like it change your name if you go to forums.comodo.com/help-b2.30, I’ve tried myself, but name changed as soon as I left the page.

MJ ??? :SMLR

(:SAD) no magic powers at all… couldnt even read my messages (:AGY)

my name was nick just on the one page changed back on the next page ( and no messages :‘( :’( :cry:

That is… odd. lisa2000 you’ll get an email from support, since I just issued a notify Mod to get Nick’s attention… given that’s he got 5 messages waiting… I will not send him a PM. ;D

Hmm… seems to perform the Admin[Nick] trick on any 404 (missing) page. Looking at your posted image again… I can see what is wrong, the URL has been clipped…


… should have been something like…


…for CFPs Help forum. It is odd the way Nick’s name is displayed with how many ■■■ he has not read yet. :smiley:

We don’t know if Nick hasn’t read his 5 PM’s, considering it also states 0 messages are new.

Also, I’m going to move this to the website problems board.

This is now resolved.
The problem was the new 404 page was taken from an already-existing page, which was used as a template when I was logged in.
This has since been removed, and there were no security issues as a result of this.