Who agrees CIS could do with a new name?

Hi everyone. I have often thought the name Comodo internet security didn’t do the product justice.
Imo CIS does protect computers from a lot more than just the internet, it is protecting all internal workings and processes even when the internet is not available. Malware may start on the internet but it can be picked up numerous other ways Eg Cd,Dvd, flash drives etc. Eg When starting a new Topic we try to give it a name that the subject title explains what the subject is about. I am not saying CIS is a bad name I just think a more appropriate name maybe possible.
What are your thoughts and ideas for names? Thanks.
(CCSP) Comodo complete security package.
Kind regards.

to be honest I don’t mind the name “Comodo internet security” and the abbreviation. An possible name would be Comodo’s Security Solution (CSS) or Comodo’s internet security solution (CISS).

Valentin N

I think that name Comodo Internet Security and its abbreviation is just perfect. 8)

Yes i agree CIS is fine.
It also seems to fit well with CIA.
CIS .protection for computers.
CIA.protection for the government.

i know i am a strange person LOL.


CIS… Hmmm CMUISTYWYH :stuck_out_tongue:
Comodo Most Ultimate Internet Security You Wish You Had :stuck_out_tongue:

I like how it is now;;
Just remove the ‘premium’
and have the other words for the paid versions;


I don’t have a problem with CIS…

I don’t dislike the name either, I just thought its name may not show its real capabilities.
I do suppose now CIS is building a good reputation a name change might be a temporary step back until it got known. Just my head trying to think of ways to help Comodo. Thanks for your thoughts guys. Kind regards.

I think comodo should have more fancy names for its modules. Take a look at norton, its modules are not that efficient as compared to CIS but with names like SONAR and INSIGHT PROTECTION , it has much more marketing appeal than Defense plus.

Just my two cents, this reminds me of how apple promotes its products.

i dont really think it matters what names are used myself.
Back in the mid eighties i remember when the commodore amiga500 was first released and it was a MASSIVE revelation of a computer.
Most people never really questioned the name amiga.
It was the fact it was the most awesome home computer ever that captured peoples imagination.
People always remember something which is unique regardless of names.
It was how the amiga out-performed everything else that made it stand out from the crowd.
Crikey ii still have mine to this day.
Point im trying to make is we KNEW it was the best without giving the name amiga a second thought.


I maintain my point. proper product branding is crucial in a competitive environment. CIS has a technological edge over norton, no question about this, but more could be done as far as branding is concerned.

I’m happy with the name comodo internet security though. I was just referring to the individual modules names.

It’s a mistake to confuse opinion with what is proper.

I personally feel module names like Sonar or Insight Protection are silly. They give absolutely no indication of what their actual use is. Sonar? That’s how submarines navigate. What does this have to do with protecting my computer? And yes, I’m certainly glad that Norton has included a neural interface so my insights are protected! :wink:

Your are right in some respect but i still believe, that just as it is important to educate users on the proper use and understanding of the technologies , it must be accompanied with an appropriate branding. Brands don’t neccessarily have to be self-explanatory, their main objective may sometimes be to strengthen the interest of customers in the product. The advantage that comodo has is that it is actually distributing real and efficient security to end users.

My whole point is not that the names should not have a deeper meaning, i just think that they should be more appealing. Take the name Toyota Prius for example, the word Prius is not self-explanatory
to the average user but it is actually both appealing and reflects the philosophy of the company when you dig a bit deeper .

This is still just my opinion and i understand that different users of comodo may think differently.

I also do not find the name Prius appealing… :wink:

I personally feel "Comodo internet security " as a brand has been very painstakingly built by Melih and team
so it can be retained and built upon
yes the enhanced features can be highlighted
regards :slight_smile:

Fair enough, i will not argue on subjective grounds. :slight_smile:

Comodo Simply Secure.
Comodo Simple Security
Maybe a name like Comodo Oracle for Defence+ due to it’s proactive nature, always ready for any new threat. :slight_smile:

In my opinion Comodo Internet Security is a perfect and classic name for security suite. And absolutely don’t need any change.
A new name could be only for new , more powerful suite , like Norton 360 or something.
But is such a software really needed? Well , maybe …

How about just calling it YOUR BUTLER and say that it makes tea for you in the morning. :slight_smile:
Most powerful software I could think of. (:KWL)

comodo security essentials (cse), because it is the essentials you need to be protected

yes i know it’s ripping off mse but microsoft security essentials sounds like a suite but it’s just an antivirus. they shouldn’t use that name or even microsoft internet security. they should use the name “microsoft waits til you’re infected before we even try to protect you”

they aren’t worthy of using the “security essentials” part of the name but comodo is.

plus if comodo used the cse name, i think more people would discover it because it would pop up in mse search results i think