I would like to be able to whitelist by a To address that is not in the current domain. We get some email from a list serve. It comes in with a To address of thegroupname@groups.live.com. The only way, that I see, to whitelist by To address is fixed to somename@mydomain.com. The only other choice is to Whitelist each person in the list serve. If I have missed something, please enlighten me.

Hi Louyo,

Try to whitelist it by using *@groups.live.com or [thegroupname]@groups.live.com
By using the wildcard *, all senders with the domain name entered will be whitelisted.

Here you have all the options explained:

Thank you, the problem is the whitelist needs to be the To, not the From. The sender is each person in the list serve and the To address is the list serve address. Example:
To: “fla-windev@groups.live.comfla-windev@groups.live.com,
From: name person’sname@outlook.com

I want to whitelist all messages to fla-windev@groups.live.com, to avoid having to white list each person in the list.



I don’t think you can do white-listing for foreign domains.

ASG should have no reason to block your outbound emails unless you tell it to so I don’t quite get why you want to do this anyway.


It is INBOUND mail. Want me to forrward one to you? It is G rated :smiley:


OK, so help a tired old ex-sysadmin understand…

  1. You want to white-list inbound email where the sender is whoever@groups.live.com
  2. You want to white-list inbound mail where the recipient is whoever@groups.live.com




You can’t white-list a user/group on your domain where that user/group does not exist (SMTP error 550 - Unknown user).

Also, you are confined to only being able to perform recipient white-listing for whatever@yourdomain.ext.

A possible workaround though would be to create a mailbox on your domain e.g. groups_live_com@yourdomain.ext with an auto-forwarder to whoever[at]groups.live.com. You could then white-list groups_live_com@yourdomain.ext but your senders would have to be advised of the change of recipient.

If anyone else has any ideas ???

Remove the user from the CASG and let them deal with spam on their own?

Thanks for your answer, in this case they can just whitelist sender by sender. It is not that large a list.


“Remove the user from the CASG and let them deal with spam on their own?” - well I wouldn’t go to those extremes :slight_smile:

What you are trying to do is white-list a recipient that isn’t a member of your mail domain, so you would have to create an ‘aliased’ member (a la an Exchange contact) .

I can’t think of another way…