Whitelisted applications

If I had one wish for the Defense+ and Firewall mechanisms for CIS, it would be that it would search your computer (like Comodo Firewall 2.x did) for all applications that are safe. Or even have a whitelist that you can install for applications that Comodo knows is safe. Heck even let users add to the database, do it on a percentage, if 75%+ say its good, then don’t prompt the user or that. That’s my wish.

I know you guys agree so don’t act like you don’t.

COMODO uses a growing whitelist with over a million safe apps.
Something similar to what you’re describing is Threatcast; don’ know when/if it will be implemented.

This is a work in progress, You should be getting ThreatCast & Expanded Whitelist in the next CIS version, hopefully by the end of the year.


Maybe on Christmas day! As Comodo’s Christmas present! ;D

threatcast, expanded whitelist and possibly heuristics.

happy holidays COMODO!
(L) (M) (M)

Go Comodo! You are my hero’s. I’ve already converted a few people to Comodo and this would just sweeten the deal. FREE Internet Security for everyone!!!

Only one issue left to be resolved: ICSA Labs and Westcoast Labs Certifications.