white space wiper/file shredder

Would it be possible for you guys at Comodo to add a white space wiper and a file shredder in the system cleaner? This is the only reason I’m hanging onto Glary Utilities. Many of these system cleaners don’t come with wipers which can be important to permanently erase data from harddisk.

This is an extremely useful utility, please consider.

AFAIK, it is already available in CSC (latest version). Please check under privacy cleaner … wiper.

oh… that’s only a file wiper, not a white space wiper.

Comodo are working on a free space wiper. :BNC

Should be out soon?

I certinaly hope so. I would love to dump the Glary Utilities

Eraser is the best option for white space erasing (unused disk space)… programs like revo uninstaller also provides this service…

I like to keep my list of system utilities down to a bare minimum if it is possible. so I do not like to install 3rd party products unless I need the feature. Right now I have 3 overlapping suites doing just about the same thing. I’m waiting to reduce them down to just 1

IMHO, Eraser is the best for white space erasing if you want to keep only one… because it even removes the names of the deleted files (which, AFAIK no other program offers) and is a freeware. But, the only problem is the user should be cautious as some of the features, if used without knowledge would just be disastrous!

Any way, people have their own preferences.

actually the best of the best is webroots windows washer!..it is fast, flexible and easy to use…only if it was free!.. !ot!