White screen after update

Hi everyone!
I ran into the problem of a white screen. Sometime when i click middle mouse button to open link in the new tab а white screen appears. This happened after the update! I cleaned the cookies, checked the viruses and hosts file etc. nothing. please help/

I have some examples of these errors

You know in gmail when you have a “long” email, you have the message clipped
when clicking on that link


I get a blank tab if the window is maximized, if it’s not maximized I get this

(image size 50%)


And this is another case. A dropdown


Try turning off hardware acceleration in dragon settings does it make a difference?

Yes, that fixes it. :-TU

i have fixed this problem after do something in settings → privacy → contest settings → pop-ups(block and allow). Closed

I see that the setting

Setting → System → Use hardware acceleration when available

has been grayed out in the last update.
That will be the solution permanently?

Because I tried to check the new google earth… and I got this message


(then I saw the setting has been grayed out)