White listing Games

Hi All,
Considering there is vast majority of users who use one or other Game, we would like to hear from community as which Games we should consider for white listing. As of now we have refrained from adding games into white listing but we want to open it up and decide on case to case basis.

We would like to start with popular games in your opinion.
Your advice highly appreciated.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 :stuck_out_tongue: >:-D


Alot of games 88)

Yes you read right…

Start submitting Games you want to be made trusted, and they will be, if found save:

Please try to Include the Publishers Website, and the makers website, for example:
Game Name Games Website: Maker’s Website:
Crysis http://games.ea.com/crysis/home.jsp http://www.crytek.com/

great initiative! pls tell us what you want to be made trusted, and we will get it done.


Game Name Games Website: Maker’s Website:
WarRock http://www.warrock.net http://www.gamersfirst.com
Battlefield http://www.badcompany2.ea.com/ http://www.ea.com/

Pro Evolution Soccer http://www.konami.com/

World of Warcraft, made by Blizzard Entertainment

Why not go to Steam, or a similar site, and check out what the 100+ most popular games are?

I’m a little bit puzzled.
If I understand correct you want to whitelist per game not per publisher?
There are hundred of games and if tomorrow another game appears what to do waiting CIS to whitelist it to get rid of that black screen?
Why not Game mode?
Until now I’m very happy allowing all applications to access csrss.exe in memory. All games works right off the bat. :slight_smile:

This site contains full list of MMOs. It also offers the websites of each game:


Battlefield 2 (NOT bad company 2 like in previous reply):


If it is publisher, then Konami!

Put anti-hack systems as well. It’s very hard to play games with anti-hack using Comodo. I had to uninstall but I can’t find any good firewalls.

To Comodo: Searcg for “STEAM.” Its an gaming platform where you can buy games and play, chat with your friends. Steam also offers a STORE where you buy these game ONLINE. They have 100000 of games there. :slight_smile: O0

Look at STEAM! Its an Platform for gaming! They have a BIG STORE ONLINE with 10000 GAMES! Check it out!

Heroes of might and magic,World snooker championship real 2009 would be nice.

Heroes of might and magic>>>http://mightandmagic.uk.ubi.com/HeroesV_toe.php
World snooker championship real 2009 >>> http://www.wscreal.com/

Whitelisting should be done only with technology that is KNOWN to be safe. Isn’t it possible that interactive games are potentially a vector for malware just as is flash or javascript. Surely the games need to be designed and run with limited rights. I am curious whether that is a design norm for games and if some games are KNOWN to be safe, or relatively safe.

If a game wants access to my registry or to any one a number of files, I think I want a warning. Running a game as installer makes sense to install the game, assuming we trust the vendor and the game, but for it to routinely execute as an installer for routine gaming use seems at first glance to be an accident waiting to happen.

Do we have a game expert on the forum who can comment on security risks in game architecture.

I hate to build in an attractive back door way for hackers to infiltrate your security system and,as has been true for other originally “innocent” technologies, they then become more attractive to exploit. Perhaps some kind of behavior blocking specific to games would be the logical alternative to restrict game vulnerabilities.

urbanterror : Urban Terror News

Counter Strike Source
Counter Strike 1.6

In fact the whole steam platform white listed would be nice, or some games of the platform.

The offerings of Blizzard Entertainment and Valve Corporation / Steam would be good as starters. Games like World of Warcraft from Blizzard and Team Fortress 2 and the various Half-Life iterations from Valve/Steam would be some to start with.