White-list code signing certificate

Hi Comodo team,
I’m the QA Manager at Exent Technologies LTD (www.exent.com). Our owned & operated games service is www.freeridegames.com (FRG).
FRG is a free games website which allows the consumer to play premium downloadable games for free, in return for his willingness to watch ads while playing these games.
The user is required to download and install our FRG games player which enables the serving of ads onto the premium downloadable games. Serving these ads allows us to offer those downloadable games, that otherwise would require the user to pay for them, totally for free.
The Free Ride Games service is operating since 2008 and is currently serving tens of thousands of happy customers mainly in North America.

We recently discovered that the antivirus Comodo Internet Security blocks our files after a recent update to our code signing certificate. Our files with the previous certificate are whitelisted by Comodo, please add our files with the new certificate to the whitelist.
I’ve attached a link with for an archive with a detected file, one file with the new certificate and one file with the previous certificate.
Link with files: Dropbox - detectedFiles.zip - Simplify your life

Users that install our FRG games player and play our games consent to our EULA (Free Games - Download Free Games at FreeRide Games). Section 7 of the EULA contains explicit consent by our users to be watching ads in return for their ability to play the games.

We are awaiting your swift resolution to this issue, as this false-positive alert is causing inconvenience to our users, severe damages to our reputation and significant monetary damages to us.

Hi smax,

Your request has been processed. You can expect the whitelisting live reflection for your case within few hours. Any future requests can be directly submitted here:


Hi Bogdan,

Thanks for your response
We have updated antivirus databases to the latest version 31427, but the issue is still present.

Best regards,

Hi Comodo Team,

Do you have any updates about our issues?


Hello smax,

The new certificate issue should be fixed, if you still have issues please let us know.

Best regards,