white box with red x no images

Since I removed Norton (which was a dog on resources) I installed Comodo which is significantly faster. However I now get a white box with a red x where an image should be. I have tried everything to fix it. I need help…


I’m using the free comodo lastest version and vista with AVG as the virus checker

I see lots of people looking but no replies yet. Maybe you could add a few specifics, such as;

Red x in e-mail only? What e-mail? Outlook or Vista’s Windows Mail?

Red x in IE when on Internet?

Red x in Windows Photo Gallery?

What kind of video card? Latest drivers installed?

When you removed Norton did you use a “Norton Removal Tool” after uninstall?

More Info…

I did use the Norton removal tool… I also didi this on anther PC and I haven’t yet installed Comodo…THe problem is in IE only . I used to get a button image ,Now all I get on all internet sites is a small white box with a red x in it. I get the same small box in place of all the icons in this forum “Welcome to the Comodo Forum” I see a white box with a red x and rss is beside the box… The Comodo software has locked something in IE I just don’t know what and how to fix it…


Not sure it is from commodo as I have seen it before there was a Commodo firewall.
check this KB: