Whislist - CIS - COMODO certified mail with digital signature.

Hello to all,
I saw that some viruses (for example latest version of Avast Free) have the setting that all e-mail sent from a mail client are “certified” with a message / signature at the bottom of the email.

For example: “This email is free of viruses and malware because protection is active …”

I know this is a simple signature placed inside the email client, using the anti-virus program (which can be turned on or off), but I think it is a good idea either because you advertise antivirus and partly because those who receive the email you will feel calmer.

What do you think?

Nunzio. :wink:

Hmm interesting

Although CIS does not scan emails, it would normally make sure the computer is malware free, so something could be said I guess

But I think, lacking a scanner, it would need plugins for each email program to do that, so this might not be practical.

Not sure

CIS does not scan emails??? :o
It 's true?

Whenever you open an attachment in an email, CIS scans that.