While submitting files CIS 8.2 tries to connect to server that does not exist

The “Submit Files” feature submits file to comodo server.
But it is trying to connect to these servers that does not exist.

  1. no-dns-yet.ccanet.co.uk
  2. usfftp2.mcr.colo.comodo.com
  3. usfftp1.clif.colo.comodo.com

This results in failure to submit files.
this also causes increase in time taken to submit files because comodo is wasting time trying to connect to server that does not exist.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. Recently we are working on the file submit issues on the server side, this feedback would help us a lot. We aimed to fix all of the issues about file submitting by the end of next week.

For your kind attention,

Best Regards