while i'm sure comodo has a decent firewall

i found it annoying in having to shut it down in order to access outlook express while runing AVGs email scanner, thereby defeating the purpose of a firewall. none of the updates took care of this prob. took a chance and installed ZA free, rather than the ZA4 pro i have due to a prob with SP2. fortunately the free version works as it always had. one day ,maybe, they’ll get this AVG thing fixed, but for now i can do without the annoyances

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Comodo is working very hard to get this issue fixed, hopefully this will be fixed in the next update.



yeah, i was told it would be fixed not long before the last version came out

Well, we thought it was a bug from our side! We investigated and investigated and did more investigation! We just can’t find the problem. We think its something AVG doing thats causing the problem. So I would recommend getting in touch with AVG to make sure they test their AV with CPF. We did try very hard to find the problem from our side, but we can’t. Perhaps AVG can shed some light.