Which windows version is faster?

I just want to draw a conclusion about this 3 vers. of windows. So your personal experience and opinion is much appreciated. Thank you.

Windows 7 for sure. Windows 8 is so bloated LOL! :-X

Thank you. I appreciate your opinion as always :■■■■

For me I found Windows 7 faster than Windows 8.

Mind you I tried Win 8 in VM so, that is not a good way to test speed.

But I agree with Seany007 it is Bloated, on what I’ve read.

But here is one on Windows 7. Which version is faster.

Basic; Home Premium; Pro or Ultimate ?

(I have only used Home Premium) But does it get more Bloated, if you use Pro or Ultimate. ?

I just thought I throw out that Question.

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Just a few examples:

So under the hood they are generally the same with the different OS:S excelling at different things. I think Windows 8 is generally a bit faster under the hood.

That being said, the OS is as fast as you are, you might be slowed down by the metro interface at first, perhaps you’re one of the people that finds Metro to make you work faster, it’s individual. If you work slower with Metro then… yeah… you should try a third party start menu to push that productivity up a bit.

However if you wish for file transfers etc to be faster and a generally more responsive computer, then I could recommend getting an SSD, much more improvements than changing OS - speed related that is.

No not at all. I agree, Home premium is my version of W7x64 SP1, and I must admit I like how fast it is, less service, less memory usage, fast start-up(compare to other vers. of W7: Pro, Ult.).
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Thank you for your opinion. And yes an SSD would be good, but since I’m behind a notebook, right now is expensive(gb/euro).

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for me windows 8 is much more faster than windows xp and windows 7.

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I have to agree with you since I’ve not tried Pro/Ult.

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Hi Nige_39,
I would imagine all versions to be very similar if not the same for speed.
The few extra services for Pro/Ult could be disabled if not required.

Hi S.sarkar,
Unless you are multi-booting on the same system, the results would be inaccurate.

Most users of W8 will be using more advanced hardware and technology than previously.

Kind regards to you all.

Thanks captainsticks,

I understand on what you mean.

Thanks anyway on your feedback. (:WIN)

On my multi boot Windows 8 seems a bit faster/snappier than Windows 7.

That is the best test, although lower resource systems still may run smoother with earlier OS’s.

I think Win8 is a little faster than 7 and actually runs better than 7 on older, less powerful hardware. It’s also actually less “bloated”.

Thank you for your note. And yes that’s true.

Windows 8 is faster but also buggier. If your thinking about updating to windows 8, Id wait a while for microsoft to work out the kinks. Doesn’t matter what software you have, the new windows, comodo, avast vlc, adobe photoshop every major update will introduce new bugs as new code has been add, modified, removed, blahblahblah. The bigger the software, the more time needed

Yes thank you for the advice. Ok I’ll wait the 8.1 official release. And then maybe things will be different.

Id wait a little past that. IMHO