Which windows services are needed to make CIS work at 100% in vista?

I was just playing around in tweaking vista services and I disabled few of them. After that I noticed that CIS firewall is telling me that I have no inbound or outbound connections. Nevertheless “Show active connections” option shows programs which use network but it says that no bytes were send or received. It looks like firewall is just working fine too.
So, with all that I’m just wondering which windows services are required by CIS to work with everything?

Thanks, and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Black Viper offers the most extensive explanations of Services and their sometimes complicated dependancies that I know of. With Black Viper as a reference I was able to successfully disable about 90 of the 137 services that my Vista computer has without affecting any of the functions of the computer that I use and along with disabling the resource consuming Sidebar as well as Windows Aero as a result it now uses 550 MB of RAM at the desktop (which includes a 262 MB System Cache) down from the 1,035 that it was using when it was new.


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If you want help please post further information, which services you have disabled.

Or follow the instructions posted by Maxxwire.


I know about what services are meant to do but my case was only an example for what can hapen if we don’t know whcich services we need for CIS working. Look at the qustion. I’m not asking what scholud I do because I ■■■■■■■ up my vista, but I’m asking which services are needed for CIS. I think that could be very useful information for people who wants to disable needless services without risk that that can disable CIS as well.
Anyway thanks for answers.

BTW it looks like that CIS prolbem appearing after my playing with services was just coincidence because just after returning services to default state and reinstalling CIS problem was present as well. I think latest microsoft updates might borken something, but its only a guess and I think its subject for another topic.

Here’s a hint; my experience from Windows XP is that you need no services enabled to run CIS (except its own of course). :-TU

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if you disable the DHCP or the DNS client services, it will cause problems, unless you provide workarounds.

OK. I didn’t bother to mention DHCP as I need it for Internet connection. DNS Client though, I have successfully had it disabled since long (still speaking about XP now folks).

Disabling the DNS client is not a problem, and in some ways desirable as it helps to protect against DNS cache poisoning. The only thing to bear in mind is, if you disable the DNS client service, applications will need to be able to perform their own queries. so some additional rules may be necessary.

After some research I found that this problem isn’t linked with disabling services.

I assume (from LeoniAquila post) that CIS do not need any windows service (except obviously needed like rpc or dhcp).

If someone have something to add please do it, otherwise I think this topic is free to be closed.
Thank You all for help.

A service which I have listed that allows Comodo to run is the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service.