Which version of .NET Framework?

I am a bit curious concerning the Microsoft .NET Framework. What is your opinion - 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0? I read somewhere (on a forum) that 3.0 is a bit buggy, but maybe there was not much substance in that post. Since 3.0 is quite new, I guess there are not many programs that require it? Could 3.0 in any way be considered as “heavier” than 2.0 (at least I know the installation files are much larger), or is this irrelevant for the function of the framework? I use 2.0. As for versions in general, my opinion is that one should in most cases use the latest one. But in this case, isn’t .NET mostly adding new features for every version, whilst stability/security issues are taken care of with patches from Windows Updates?

Just set up 2 systems; on each I tend to uninstall MS’ Virtual machine and install proper Java, then install .NET2. It’ll run any app. that isn’t beta (or alpha) and seems stable. Yes. v3 does seem a bit iffy and I deliberately avoided it.


I have come across some scenarios where an application required an older version of .NET, odd as that may sound. I think I had 2 or 3, and an app required 1.1; never mind I had a newer version! I didn’t want to have more than one, though… (:AGY)


Peter, so I presume 2.0 is enough for most purposes.

LM, yeah that seems very odd. :o Maybe I’ve got this wrong, but I thought every new version included the previous ones. So with 2.0 you also have 1.1, not just built in in 2.0 but actually stand alone. With 3.0 then, you have 1.1 and 2.0 stand alone too. Probably this isn’t really true if you’ve encountered the problem you mention…


To me, and I’m not into major development, the whole ,NET framework seems a bit of a mess.

As LM says, each version of the framework is independent of the others, so if you have an application that needs 1.1 you have to install 1.1. If you then need to support an app that needs .NET 2, you have to install .NET 2, leaving 1.1 in place to support the older application. I image .NET 3 will be the same! Isn’t 3 still alpha or beta?

Here is the story. For Visual studio 2005 installed i have .net framework 2 installed.

From what i understand (And with help of wikipedia) each version of visual studio targets a different framework.

.net framework 1.0 was targeted by Visual studio .net 2002

.net framework 1.1 was targeted by visual studio .net 2003

.net framework 2.0 targeted by visual studio .net 2005 and visual studio 2005

.net framework 3.0 and 3.5 beta is going to be targeted by Visual studio “Orcas” which has not been released.

There is a “Introductory” package for Visual studio 2005 that allows early access to some of the .net 3 features but i am not 100% clear on what that entails.

.net framework 3 can run .net framework 2 programs.

At the moment, i would suggest installing .net 1.1 and .net 2 or 3. But .net 3 framework is not worth installing if .net 2 is working fine for you.

Visual studio “orcas” is looking to be released at the end of this year(2007)/ start of next year (2008)

MOST developers that use visual studio will either be using Visual studio 2003 or 2005 from what I have seen.

Sources: .NET Framework - Wikipedia

Thank you both for the info!

Toggie, 3.0 was released 11/21/2006, I don’t think it’s beta: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=10CC340B-F857-4A14-83F5-25634C3BF043&displaylang=en

I get the feeling that 2.0 is the best one, today. :slight_smile:


On my last box I had 1 and 2, due to updating, but on this box there’s v2 only and a couple of apps that say they need 1.1 are running.
I saw somewhere that the framework would run older apps - but then, 'tis MS.


Thanks LA, I must have been thinking about 3.5…