which version of cis is the right one for us?????????????

yesterday i downloaded a 32bit cis at Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac .the file size was about 57mb,today i try to download the same file from the same link yesterday but i found the file size was only 30.7mb,however the file version number(5.0.32580.1142) is absolutely the same as yesterday.so what’s wroung with comodo???which version is the right one,the 30.7mb version or the 57mb version???

the one that is 30.7, they had a problem with the installer but they have fixed it.

but what’s the difference between these 2 versions,if i install them?

But the download size is still 30.7

I think the new installer have improved compacting that is why it dropped from about 50 MB to 30MB.

Yes downloaded & installed with the new installer & everything is fine.