Which version of CIS install to use

On startup my PC is still using close to 100%CPU.

I see a number of people are complaining about the cmdagent and I’m curious which version is the best to use at the moment 3.11.xxxx (referred to in most posts) or 3.12.xxx

I have: 3.12.111745.560 with Db 2654

it takes more than 20 minutes to get the cpu down to a decent level.

If 3.11.xxxx is a better version to use where can I download it from?


Hi John

The CIS version (3.11 or 3.12) is not actually relevant to the CMDAGENT 100% CPU issue, since the problem was cause by an AV database update that Comodo have subsequently removed/fixed. The AV DB 2654 (in your case) is the problem basically. So, you would want the latest version 3.12 since it contains fixes not in 3.11.

However… is most cases (with this issue) the CPU never came back to reasonable levels. I think that I’ve only seen one other report of a user’s system recovering after 20 minutes. I’m saying this, since it is possible that your current issue might be something else entirely. But, your AV DB (2654) is out-of-date.

That’s the version I got yesterday (monday 19th Oct2009) with my update, will update today.

Unfortunately, that might not help. If you are suffering the CMDAGENT 100% CPU issue then that was, as I previously said, caused by an AV database update on, or around, 7th October. If you’ve not re-installed CIS since that time or followed the instructions in Egemen’s post to replace the AV database, then it is likely that your AV database still contains the problem that causes the high CPU load. Updating the AV database we merely add to it, rather than replace it. In short, the problem will not go away until the AV database is replaced.

I replaced the db yesterday with:
renamed it to bases.cav

updated and got 2654 (isn’t that funny same numbers different order)
and now 2663

but looks like the problem persist.


Well, 2663 is the latest. So, you downloaded 2456… updated and got 2654. That sounds OK. Did you perform the bases.cav replacement in Safe Mode (ie. without CIS running) or note which DB version you had before you updated?

Mind you, as I said, the CPU recovering after 20 minutes did not sound exactly like the CMDAGENT 100% CPU problem. When did the 100% CPU problem start for you?

I might not have done it is safe mode. I did not my updates around the 9Oct. I’ll redo in safe mode.

I also checked and find that the cpu gets hammered when a new application is opened.

Might be worthwhile creating a application to check the cav file?

Yes, it must be done in Safe Mode otherwise CIS has the CAV file locked and you can’t actually do anything with it (despite appearances to the contrary).

I did suggest this to Comodo. But, I didn’t get a response. So, I’m assuming that this will not happen. Of course, my small suggestion could have easily entailed thousands of man hours of work for all I know. :slight_smile:

Tried it in safe mode, still need to update database but still looks like the cpu is still spiking . will update and post results

Many hours would have been saved