Which version of BOClean Anti-Malware?

I wonder if I have installed the updated version 4.25.001 of BOClean Anti-Malware into my PC equipped with Windows Vista Home Basic. As displayed on the system tray, it is 4.25 which is different from the one (4.25.001) announced on the BOClean Support page. Should I assume that my existing one is the latest because I downloaded the software from Comodo website?


Hi again AChung :slight_smile:

Version 4.25.001 is the latest version of BOClean. You can check it like this : Go to C:\Program Files\Comodo\CBOClean , right-click on BOC425.EXE and left-click on Properties, Version, Fileversion.

Greetz, Red.

P.S. I am not on an English version of Windows, so I hope my translation make sence :wink:

Hi, Rednose

Thank you for your guidance.

I’ve found the version existing, but wonder why it does not display on its system tray or its menu for quick reference.