Which version, do I have a problem

Seems like last several months the firewall has been popping up way too often and for simple things like when I go to print from applications I’ve used for a very long time.

Was looking through the reg this morning and noted entries for COMODO FIREWALL & COMODO FIREWALL PRO. As I looked deeper I see 3 different versions being listed.

  • From the firewall itself version = 3.5.57173.439
  • From the registry I see version = 3.5.54375.427
  • From prgm files/COMODO/cfp.exe I see version = 3.5.56968.437

Other than the firewall popping up frequently, the PRO Vs the non-PRO names & the different version references, things seem to be running OK. Oh, in the COMODO Firewall window itself, I don’t see any mention of PRO.

Should I be concerned?

Try running the updater and see if there is an update (3.8 is not on the update servers yet). If there is none then you are using the latest version being 3.5.57173.439. It does look a bit messy indeed those different number in different places…

I guess the differences you between Pro and non pro are just mess caused by upgrading or the installer leaving traces when uninstalling. It looks messy but when you firewall works then no need to worry…

Thanks for the response. Checked for latest version prior to initial post.

Would like to get a feel for why I’m seeing the firewall pop up so frequent for simple actions on programs I’ve been using for a long time. Not causing any problems, just a pain having to address, give approval, when I go to print or some other simple, common, operation.

C an you describe the pop ups you get more in particular? What configuration are you using? Paranoid?

Both firewall and defense are set to safe mode.

As I’ve mentioned before the pop-up are typ for things like some application is trying to access some portion of the machine. See a lot of pop-up in various apps when I go to print. Sometimes when an app wants access to the keyboard, disk or some other typ kinds of things.

Thinking back I seems to remember this started happening shortly after a Java update. Currently have Java runtime 1.6