Which Utorrent Configuration is the best? [RESOLVED]

Alright here’s the thread on how to set Comodo to work nicely with Utorrent.

However there are 2 different configurations.

1.pandlouk’s configuration,Very nicely done, Although there are a lot of steps

2.Ragwing’s configuration, Which is significantly shorter to do, And apparently gives faster speeds.

My question is, Which of these is the better configuration?I want the fastest speeds possible, But at the same time don’t want to sacrifice my computer’s safety.

Please help,Personal experiences will be great, But all in all just help me decide!Thanks (:NRD)

I never had to use any of those. I have a hardware firewall so I simply port forward 1 port in and out on my modem. Then I made uTorrent trusted in Comodo Firewall rules. Took me less then 5 minutes.

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that i’m not on wireless, I’m on a modem.Right now I have the first configuration applied, But I’m wondering if the second configuration is better or not. :THNK

Do you have a hardware firewall? Modem or router? Also post these questions in the uTorrent thread that way there it can be better seen.

I have a modem.And I will post in Utorrent area but I want to see what the comodo firewall users have to say first ;D

All these threads are Comodo users. I asked you but you didn’t tell me. Do you have a hardware firewall? Is there one built into your modem like in my 2Wire Gateway.

No I don’t have a hardware firewall.CFP is all I got

I’m sorry I’m not being clear enough, I’m on cable, I got a modem, And I don’t think that it has a hardware firewall built into it,Hence CFP.

I have a hardware firewall but thats for inbounds. You still need a software firewall for outbounds and Comodo has HIPS protection. What kind of modem do you have? Name? Brand? Model? You can check the manufactures website for everything. I am only asking for specifics cause its very easy to configure uTorrent if you do have a hardware firewall.

I have a modem from comcast, RCA, Model DCM305, And thanks for helping me out :slight_smile:

I personally tried both Pan’s and Rag’s ruleset. I also feel that Pan’s makes the download speed a little slower because it doesn’t accept connections to/from the peers who use (listening) port numbers below 1024. But of course, this means extra security. I don’t really see any security risk, but that’s my experience.

Rag’s is similar to the old CFP v2 style, which is what I use, but I also use something equivalent that I once set up with v2: to allow certain ICMP traffic. I find this maximizes uTorrent speeds.

The attached pic shows part of my Application Rules. I removed all Global Rules (only do this if you know what you’re doing).

[attachment deleted by admin]

i use pandlouk’s rules. :-TU , no problem downloading :-TU
no hardware firewall, DSL/broadband connection.
CFP3 Global rules setting:
stealth port wizard==>alert me to incoming connection-stealth my ports on per-case basis
(:NRD) (:NRD) (:NRD)

Wow soyabeaner, Sweet settings, (:NRD) How fast can you get? And is there a tutorial for setting those ICMP requests that max out speed?I just want to squeeze every last drop of download speed I can :Beer

That also depends on the amount of leechers and seekers. I have a 6MB DSlL connection and usually get around 450-600KB/sec.

i have question regarding utorrent, i think i can post it here (:TNG) (i’ve never used it before, i was too afraid :slight_smile: ):
take a look at this screenshot,

i know that seed is comp that has complete pieces & peers is comp that have incomplete piece,
but i can’t find more explanation about it.
peer ==> 4(6) what’s that “4” & “6” means?

and what will happen if that seed = 0(0) ??? i’m stuck ???

:frowning: oh and i wanna tell you all, MY ISP SUCKS! >:(

[attachment deleted by admin]

Go here Shin Also is your icon green at the bottom? If its not that would explain your poor speeds.


yes, you mean the green icon with check mark on it right? yes.and that’s not firewall problem either. that’s why i told you that my ISP sucks. check this out:

:frowning: >:( >:(

I pay $39.95 for AT&T Elite Speed DSL…lol. Most of the time if I download certain files not just uToorent I can hit speeds of 1.0MB/sec. :BNC

    1. yeah yeah, i’m impressed 88)

ehm btw, now i know that if you have not enough seeder, then you won’t be able to complete the download til some seed shows up & save the day.

but i can’t find the answer of this on the link you gave me ==> what does it mean if i have 1(2) seed & 4(9) peer?

Look at the link I sent you.

you mean that FAQ link? i did >:(
oh nevermind ;D not a big deal (:TNG) !ot!

btw, are you sure, we’re OK by using your rule? mark utorrent as trusted and let it do whatever it wants?
hmm, i was gonna do that,but reading a lot of post about torrent issue made me think we need to do more tweaking for it.

i wish CFP can create some predefine rules for torrent software to make it easier :THNK