Which to Install First? Comodo Firewall Pro or BOClean

Just curious on this one and which preference of Install Sequence seems least problematic ? Another Relevant question is BOClean incorporated into CFP 3 already?

I have been using BOClean for a number of years when I first Joined Wilders Security and started following Kevin & Nancy’s work.

Hi , Kevin how are you these days (:WAV)

What is your av? You dont need BOClean if your using a good av and Comodo with D+ active.

I am using NOD32

NOD32 has very poor spyware detection and removal. I dumped NOD32 awhile back. Your better off using Avast or Avira Premium. If you must use NOD32 then use the interactive option for your browser. After Comodus linked me to Matt’s video reviews on Youtube I no longer trusted NOD32.

If you paid for NOD32 keep it and use SUPERAntispyware & Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware for removal when it comes to malware.


errr no one answer the OP question yet ??? ;D
i think it doesn’t matter, but perhaps you wanna install BOClean first, so you don’t need to handle the D+ pop up upon BOClean installation, but that’s not really a problem. :slight_smile:
and no, BOClean hasn’t “incorporated” with CIS yet. perhaps in future release (:WAV)
oh and why nobody mention CIS (Comodo Internet Security) ;D