Which to Choose - "Add to My Own Safe Files" or "Add to Exclusions"

When I get a popup and choose Ignore, I get the three options :-

  • Once
  • Add to My Own Safe Files
  • Add to Exclusions

I don’t understand the implications of using the last two options. From what I can gather, choosing :-

  • Add to My Own Safe Files … puts the file on a Defense+ exclusion list, whereas
  • Add to Exclusions … puts the file on a AV exclusion list.

From a user point-of-view, all I want is for CIS to ignore it thereafter.

  • Having two options results in entries on separate lists which have to be individually navigated and maintained.
  • Don’t they effectively do the same thing?
  • Why have two (confusing?) options where one would apparently suffice?
  • Which option should I use?