Which should I install: Firewall & AntiVirus or just CIS?

Is CIS just AntiVirus & Firewall?

I’m trying to decide whether to install CIS or Comodo Firewall & Comodo AntiVirus as separate downloads.

If you install CIS you get what comes with the standalone antivirus and also what comes with the standalone firewall component.

The features are given here.

Also, if you want advice on how to configure it please see my article here.

so if I download AntiVirus and Firewall separately and then install them, I have CIS? I just want to confirm that CIS is just a convenience (of not having to download and install 2 products) and not a different product that has more than AntiVirus and Firewall.

Yes, you could do that as well.

It’s just a convenience, so I’d advise installing them through CIS. In fact, during the installation it even gives you the option to only install the antivirus or the firewall. It’s a convenience.

If you downloaded the AV and firewall separately, you’d have CIS twice.

The installer for each standalone product actually contains all of the components that make up CIS. (This is why the installers are the same size) The installer script is just modified to simplify the installation.

So if you download the firewall only installer, you aren’t given the option to install the AV during installation because that isn’t part of the standalone firewall installation script.

If however, you decide you want to add the AV to your firewall installation at a later date, you don’t need to download the AV because you already have it. All you need to do at this point is use the Add/Remove Components Wizard and add the AV.