Which Setup??

My bro on his Win XP SP3 laptop is running Windows FW & MSE. He wants a simple basic security. He doesn’t wants HIPS security. I am thinking to install CIS on his system with D+ disabled, only FW & AV.
What you guyz suggest??

Which basic security is better??

Windows FW + MSE OR CFW + CAV

Plzz suggest on only these two. No suggestions on other products or the benefits of D+.



Reason, Windows Firewall isn’t all good; especially compared the CFW
CAV, with 7 Million and Growing Signatures in such small file, and it’s not tied so much into the system as MSE is; So You do receive a bit of performance boost there…

but then again i don’t know what he may be doing on his laptop that is why I defualt’d to CFW/CAV

If D+ is disabled, self-protection is disabled too.

With CFW + CAV (D+ Disabled), Realtime Cloud Scan is there or not?

And according to you CAV is better than MSE in malware protection?


If self protection is not there, does password protection helps in any way against the disabling of products by malware?


If you disable D+ then you should disable “Live system behavior monitoring” in MSE,

and I’m saying, I think CAV has a better Malware Protection because simply, I don’t believe in Anti-Virus Software… Is it needed? Absolutely not… It’s more of a “Extra Whip Cream” on the Top…

Password Protection enables so that you must enter a password in order to configure CIS; or uninstall it… This does not help malware infection…

Hope this helps