Which setting do you prefer in you Defense+ / Sandbox

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I’m trying to find the right options and getting confused in my Comodo Firewall setting in Defense+ / Sandbox tab section called Image Execution Control Level, I’ve set my to limited when I started the version v5.0 all I’m saying which of these two option do you prefer. And could you please explain to me why this option you choose is better for your PC, that way I can fully understand how the system works I’m still using the latest Comodo Firewall v5.0.**********


Neither one, I have mine set to Untrusted. That way, nothing gets by without my approval. I don’t install many programs, so this setting works best for me.

Each “tier” offers more protection. Just choose the level you can live with. The tighter the protection, the more you will get prompted. With mine set to Untrusted and my Trusted Files List populated with the programs I allow, I never get prompted. It will just take you a while to approve your programs as Trusted. The number of programs you will have to allow will depend on the protection level you choose. CIS v4.0 was set to Limited, while the default for v5.0 is Partially Limited.

More info: Comodo Help

I use the defaults of CIS.
I’m not with my VMware machine right now to check which are they.

I don’t trust the sandbox itself: it is disabled.

Default. Partially Limited.

I run partially limited. This should let the unrecognized file run reasonably normal, but still protecting your vital files and registry. Limited is a slightly safer option and shouldn’t cause any problems. Note. An unrecognized file doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad. Kind regards.

After using CIS for a month or so, I set it to blocked. In effect, I use it as an anti-executable.
If I am going to install a new program and I know for certain it’s safe, I switch off the sandbox and install it. Otherwise, I install it inside SandboxIE to test it for awhile.

For everyday use, CIS is there to block any unknown exes’ (eg. drive-bys) from running. I don’t want a virus/malware running at all in any way, shape, or form. I don’t want to deal with it.

If I am delusional, please let me know.

G’day all,

I’m having a minor problem not passing the Comodo leaktests could you please review my comodo firewall settings attachment below if I’m doing something wrong, when I click on the leaktests file a Comodo D+ Alert pop-up showed up and I click on sandbox I know how to used it and done this before in older version.

Thank you.

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L.A.R. Grizzly thanks buddy I didn’t know that cause I was worried about this new Comodo software