Which services are needed to CIS to work well under WinX? (specially Firewall)

Hi guys!

I have a little problem, I have installed a second WinX in another Partition, which I want to use only for music, so I have disabled ALL services which I could disable (and in top of that I use Fidelizer in Extremist Mode).
Now, I have then seen that it was way too complicated to restart the PC every time I wanted to send en email, so I decided to install Comodo and to enable only those 2 3 services which I was sure were needed to have internet connectivity.
Now, I do have internet, I can browse the web with Firefox, but Comodo can’t see it. For Comodo there is no connectivity. No bit sent or received.
And it says something like “the network firewall is not working properly”, I think.
So, I have tried to enable again a few services, but still same story.
Can anybody tell me which WinX Services are 100% needed for Cis in general and specifically the Firewall to work properly?


Can you make sure that the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service is running?

Was running.
There were two Comodo Services, both were in Automatic and running.

I have tried reactivating all network services, although I had read that Comodo does nt need them.
It did not work.
Apparently Comodo in Win 10 is needing something which I have deactivated, some Win service.
If you can find out it would be cool.
Till then I must live with Windows Firewall.


Comodo Internet Security Helper Service does not depend on other services to run. That means the problem is somewhere else.

Try running Diagnostics and see what it reports and if it can fix the problem.

Make sure the base filtering engine and the windows firewall services are running.

Hi, thanks for the answer.
I had clicked on “Fix”, and the program had run some kind of diagnostic and had supposedly identified the problem and asked to restart.
I had restarted and nothing had changed.
This was repeated many times.

Now I have uninstalled Comodo. I will just use Widnows Firewall in the few short moments I will use Internet from that OS.
After all, I should still each time go in Services to start the network services, which I normally in that OS keep in manual or disabled.
I can just start also Win Firewall and bye.

But just for reference, would his Diagnostics be the same thing which I did when clicking on Fix?