Which Security vendor to trust ?

hey fellas, long time ! i just read a blog post about different security vendors and how they works, seems interested but rather shows a dark side of current security vendors

http://www.malwareexpert.in/2011/12/which-security-vendor-to-trust.html :o

The best judge is the users themselves!


and here is Comodo’s results :wink:

but with all due respect Melih, by no way comodo comes into small companies category as Comodo is much more than just antivirus company but still don’t you think that these kind of small and emerging companies do suffer due to lack of resources and so does the user . . . . . .

Honestly, it really does matter how large the user base is, but I still think that one of the aspects that was ignored in that article is the backend built into the different products. With Norton I know that files are analyzed quickly. Thus signatures will be released quickly too.

The files submitted via CIS are scanned with CIMA, and, I believe in the future, by Valkyrie as well. Thus most dangerous malware will be caught quickly as well, before many users have the chance to get infected, although these types of infection don’t happen often with CIS anyway, regardless of how long it takes to get a signature out.

Also, I thought that sharing malware was more prominent within security vendors. Can someone please clarify that?

indeed they do…

Hope this 4% becomes 0% some day

most of the time yes, but not always . . . . .malware sharing is prominent among security vendors but even they have to compete with each other, so they might not share everything they have

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The best way to decide, what you like best and what you think is trustworthy, is to install Wmware player and and test different suites.

I can say that I have been waiting to have CIS on my system for sometime (CIS v4) and now that I have it I am very happy to have it. I barely feel that’s there.

Once again, make your own opinion by testing the AV that you think might be the perfect on for you.

if you think, you can just go to the malwaredomainlist, download some threats and running them in VMware show the ability of a product, then you are wrong my friend. The malware you get from malware domain list are just the modified samples of famous malwares, actual malware is far more complex than you think, leave this to experts. Everyone is a security expert these days, running malware in vmware and posting videos on youtube hardly takes any time. Follow the security vendor’s blogs, trust the tests done only by experts like AV-test, VB 100 and AV-Comparatives . . . . . the guy at PC Mag Neil J Rubenking also does a good of testing the products :P0l

I never said that. How you test is up to you and malware-testing is one way

thats what you meant, how do you then expect a user to get some malware, dont get this wrong but these kind of testing only misguide people . . . .

Okey. How should an IS be tested and then trustworthy? Don’t forget that some AV-test organisation get paid from AV-vendor. I don’t personally don’t find it bad if you test the wanted suit with malware in a virtual environment as a part of the test.

Which Security vendor to trust?

I say most major players are fairly trustworthy and a lot comes down to personal taste or past experiences.

True, but that said, I’d have to say that some have a better track record than others.

Valentin did not say this; he only suggested to test a suite in a vm but did not make any recommendations how to test. Please don’t put words in people’s mouth.

may be i guessed him wrong but how are you supposed to test a suit in VMware ? . . . . we all know what he meant, i just want people to be mature

not some, all av-testing organisation get paid from all the vendor, its their job, they don’t work for free, its just they get paid dosen’t mean they are not trust worthy . . . .

Well some pay extra to get better results besides the normal fee. You haven’t answered my question how an IS should be tested.

I suggested Wmware since testing in a virtual environment is the best way to test the wanted IS in a safe way.

The problem is, until there is audited tests that provides transparency how can we know who gets paid how much for what and if the testing methodologies were followed as stated?

its a BIG BIG question!

Putting word in people’s mouth is not quite an example of mature behaviour. One catches more flies with honey then with vinegar.

One could test a security suite in vm by simply using it as it were one’s daily system…