Which security level and which version

I have been using Comodo for a few weeks now and am still in ‘training mode’.

When, or should I switch to clean machine?

I installed Comodo after an XP clean install so perhaps I should have been in ‘clean’ from the beginning.

I know what version I have but couldn’t see it anywhere on Comodo. Is it there somewhere?




To check what version you’re running, open CFP and go to Miscellaneous and click About.

And if you’re not an advanced computer user, I’d recommend you to stay with Train with Safe Mode for Defense+ and Custom Policy Mode for the firewall.
Else, Paranoid Mode for Defense+ and Custom Policy Mode if you’re an experienced user, and knows what you’re doing.


Following up on Ragwings post Mike…

You should be switching to “Train with Safe Mode” Now, If you been using Training Mode for a few weeks (Which is over the limit IMO).


thanks Ragwing and Josh123 (:KWL)

I see the version number in “miscellaneous/help” now.

I did check “miscellaneous” but looked at the top right hand corner :-[

Some of the nomenclatures are a little confusing I think.

I thought that ‘safe’ might be used when running in safe mode and that ‘clean’ might be for use with a newly formatted pc.

I’m pretty comfortable with pcs but can’t say that firewalls are one of my fortes …


You are right!

Clean PC= For NEW Clean computers.

Train With Safe= Trains program (your safe ones) while monitoring unknown ones :slight_smile:

Anything else you need help with? Make sure you do have the latest version installed!