Which rules for mod_lsapi?

I’ve moved a server from Litespeed to mod_lsapi, which is technically Apache, but it works with “litespeed inside”, so to speak.

Which ruleset do I have to use, Apache or Litespeed?

I think you should try LiteSpeed ruleset. Please share your experience.

Use Apache :wink:
mod_lsapi is a part of Apache:

The Litespeed rules seem to be working just fine. Should I try the Apache ones? What would be the difference? i.e. how can I diagnose which ones work better?

Some ModSecurity directives are not supported in LiteSpeed.
So, it’s possible to get errors in processing some rules.
These errors could be seen after LS reboot in its error.log.

The thing is, I’m running Apache with mod_lsapi, so it’s technically both Apache and Litespeed. Hence, I don’t know which ruleset to use.

Try to use apache ruleset. Before restart run:

# apachectl -t

If you don’t get errors, you can use apache ruleset. If you get errors, use LiteSpeed.
Web-server type should be pointed in /path_to_cwaf/cwaf/etc/main.conf. It’s importanf for update.

Thanks! No errors, so I switched to the Apache ruleset. I’ve installed it via the “add vendor” interface in cPanel.