Which programs to best protect your nlited/vlited OS?

Tell us your dream combination here. :wink:


What’s the difference between full and n/vlited OS in terms of security ? ;D

But okay - what you need is - a router (recommended) Comodo’s FireWall 3 and CAVS 3 (when it will be out) ;D

For now - CFP 3 and Avira or Avast :slight_smile:

For performance freaks - CFP 3 is enough

Ofcourse you can use a good and light on resourses paid security suite. :slight_smile:

What's the difference between full and n/vlited OS in terms of security ?

LA and Soya anywhere?

Well, there’s a lot of differences indeed.

That was the initial reason for us using it… we’ve just been forgetting about this fact because of all those shrinking topics. LOL

Yes, I understand that deleting some vulnerable features and services can improve security :slight_smile:

But you still need the same security software as on a full OS.

But you still need the same security software as on a full OS

Not so sure. (For example, what’s the reason for using an e-mail scanner?)

Turn it off then ;D

Sorry, but have none.


Hackers will have a pain to get into your system, since with so much deleted and/or disabled, they won’t have any way into your computer ;D

Anyways, what to use is a good router (MAC-filtering, strong encryption, SPI). Manually assign the IP-adress, and disable the DHCP-server of the router. Then run CFP 3 with Defense+ in Paranoid Mode, and you’ll be fine. Maybe use Avira and some antirootkit-utility as a backup.

I think CFP 3 is good enough! :-TU

As you mention, security benefits are gained from nLiting/vLiting a system since some vulnerable parts may be removed. Mostly networking stuff I guess. For Vista, I’d remove the UAC function though, which would decrease security - or in other words - bring Vista closer to the XP level. Whatever I do in nLite, I’m confident in having CFP 3. Still I’m tempted to try CAVS 3 as an extra layer of security. Not the least since I’ve replaced Firefox+NoScript with Opera. 88)


You’re notorious for killing your XP/removing things; more destructive than malware or hackers to the point that loss of functionality here and there is just another walk in the park in your every day journey :slight_smile:

IMHO using Nlite/vlite to make you pc faster is not a good idea, because it can give problems with systemstability and windows updates, it just can’t grow with you when new things are coming out.

I just mean when you vlited/nlited your system you just have to keep it that way and not change much on the system…

It depends which parts are removed and the user’s knowledge/experience with it. I haven’t experienced anything diastrous as a result of nLite. If I did, I know it would be my own undoing afterwards :-[ :slight_smile:

If I’m more destructive than malware, I guess I have nothing to fear. :BNC

I have no problems with Windows Update because I completely removed it. ;D Also, I agree with Soya. There are no major disasters here as a result of nLite, and I can use all my programs the way I want (except that I’ve lost .msi support, which isn’t nLite’s wrong, I pulled the trigger myself to kill my XP).

Anyway, to stay on topic, the best programs are the ones we usually have with one exception: depending on what we have removed with nLite/vLite, we may need more or less security from 3rd party programs. What one really needs it up to oneself. :-La


I understand what you are saying, you say when you removed some stuff with vlite/nlite you may have created some securityhole/instability and you can fill that up with third party programs… like cfp 3.0 for example…

But in order to do that you need to know what you are doing… and in my opinion I just think vlite/nlite is not stuff for regular people…

that’s all!

I completely agree. :-TU

Still I only know half of what I’m doing in nLite, however, it has worked nice this far. :slight_smile:


Still I only know half of what I'm doing in nLite, however, it has worked nice this far.

LA, you’re totally right. (Soya must feel somewhat amused when reading this…lol)

Ok, confessed.

We don’t know nearly nothing not yet. But we’re somewhat slim people and our machines are mean. ‘Mean’ is meant to mean well functioning here, as they were built to function well, if being used by slim people who don’t know nearly nothing not yet.

(:NRD) (:TNG)

Now I’m having myself a mineral water.


Well lads I am glad you all agree with me in this… (:WIN)