Which port to open for DynDNS Client ?

I am using CIS 5.10.228257.2253 and DynDNS Client running
On screenshots, that are in attachments, are presented Outbond and Inbond connection windows, with DNS Client, and source ports 1272, 1275, 1276, 1277 ( those ports are changing ) and destination port 81.
IANA Port specification says that port 81 is Unassigned, and for those 127x ports :

ivcollector 1275 tcp ivcollector
ivcollector 1275 udp ivcollector
ivmanager 1276 tcp ivmanager Xavier_Roques]]
ivmanager 1276 udp ivmanager [Xavier_Roques]
miva-mqs 1277 tcp mqs [Miva_Corporation]

When I try to conect to this DNS clinet with firewall on, connection is not posible ( ping says Destination host unreachable )
When I temporarely disable firewall, I receive ping Replay, but cannot use the needed application
I should open specific port on router, but I am not shure which one, 81 or 1272, 1275, 1275 ,etc

The destination port, 81, is remote, on DNS Servers, and I am pretty sure that I should not open this port.
And source ports are constantly changing, how to open those ports ?

Should I make Global Firewall Rule on specific port ( which one ) ?

Thanks in advance