Which PDF Reader? (poll)

Due to the kind request from Melih to comment about our PDF Reader preference, I thought it would be a great idea to use a POLL for a better view of opinions.

Please submit your vote! (Make your suggestions to add your PDF Reader preference to the list.)

I dont know Sumatra but PDF Xchange viewer its OK for me

Free versions are already available free. I think Comodo partnership will provide us paid version of the partner products for free. So Sumatra doesn’t qualify in the poll as it doesn’t have a paid version.

Adobe for me 88)

Foxit for me 8)


PDF-Xchange and Sumatra :-TU
but I voted for PDF-Xchange…

Sumatra being open-source allows for more…“freedom” compared to others.

Sumatra may be open source, but in my opinion, while it’s definitely small and fast, Sumatra is definitely the worst of the free offerings.

Worst in what ways? It’s probably my favorite it’s fast and light. That’s all I need

It’s rendering quality leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s rather old, but I would have to agree. Sumatra rendered my pdf’s better than the ones i’ve tried (which are:
Adobe, Nitro, Foxit, Evince, Google-Chrome plugin). Hardware perhaps?


Ah, I see the difference now. While for me it’s not an issue so long as it is quick and readable, the quality does pale in comparison to PDF XChange. Though it should be pointed out that it’s not an issue exclusive to Sumatra. It’s an issue on the renderer it uses which is mupdf. That can be improved though.


Any .PDF I’ve opened with Sumatra appears somewhat fuzzy. The term “quick and dirty” springs to mind. :wink:

True. But that’s one thing needed by those who’re always on the run. Well, the quick part at least. :smiley: Still, if it were me, I would much like to partner with someone that would allow me as much freedom as possible. That’ll give me a chance to correct what I think should be corrected and improve what can be improved. It’s a lot of work, but I prefer being sure than having to blame someone else. (I hate blame games. We’re not kids anymore.)

In any case, I’m willing to try out comodo’s pdf reader regardless of who they choose to partner with. Alternatives are always nice to have.

Very true!