Which OS do you like the most?

Hello everyone.
I would like to know which OS you like the most. You can give reasons here. You can change your vote. The results will appear after you vote. If you vote Other please write its name in your reasons.

My favorite is Windows 98 SE. It was stable for me, no problems for years, I replace it with XP Pro just
because it don’t support new hardware and games anymore.

*Added Mac OS & Linux to poll- 3xist.

Linux JJS





Ok. It seems that I needed to allow multi-voting, so, if you have more then one favorite OS choose Other and name them.

Windows Media Center Edition 2005 ;D

Commodore BASIC V2

Ahhh the things I could do back then lol

Win XP… the fast and the furious ;D

Well, MorphOS, I’d say :slight_smile: (just a very personal assumption…)

(But, what a shame you’ve only included MS OS’s to vote for!)


Have a ■■■■ with me, though?
Or, want a banana?


Linux. Specifically, PCLInuxOS

The only reason I keep Windows is for Comodo and to allow myself the choice depending on my mood.

Windows XP & Linux.

Linux: It’s the fastest OS I have tried & consumes LITTLE memory, disk space, etc. You also don’t need all the security in the world. Windows XP, Because I still like MSN & COMODO. :slight_smile:


you guys are so funny. i keep comodo to protect my OS, not the other way around :slight_smile: