Which Operating System are you using?

Please tell us which OS you are running.

thank you for taking part and please get as many people as you can to vote here!

thank you


No Vista please,hehehe.
I formated my laptop with Vista(only a month with that ****** OS) and installed XP.

XP addict :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

XP. All the way.

Trashed Vista a few months ago…


Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

Topic Sticky’d

Hey there is nothing wrong with vista! You guys all misjudge this operating system! It has all what the great operating system xp has plus extra stuff (like a new kernel?) just wait and you will understand that vista is the fundamental for a whole new line of operating systems.

Have a nice day!

(R) (V) :THNK

Ok, this is Melih’s thread asking a simple question: what OS we use, not this versus that. Josh has a thread dedicated to that already here.

Microsoft Windows eXPerience Service Pack 3 version 5.1 build 2600 (:NRD)

So what OS do you use?


Vista on my main computer and XP on my other one. Amiga OS on the days I feel nostalgic.

Predominantly XP (SP2 and SP3), with a handful of Vista, Linux (asstd.) and Win2K. There’s a Mac lying around here somewhere, 2 DOS systems, along with an Amiga and an ST.

Woefully, they are all still in use for varying purposes.

Ewen :slight_smile:

XP SP3 IE7 / Safari


Vista for the win (:LGH)


Then, how come you’re eXPerience and not VISTA (Very Irritating System - Try Another)? (:WIN)

Because eVisterience doesn’t sound very wel (:TNG)
(no I’m still trying vista)

To be honest I still like XP more than vista, only the graphics are better :slight_smile: but that’s where we have windowsblind for not


I’m running WinXP with Misson Pack 3.
The sequel adventure game from MS (named Vista) has hardware recommendations that are too high for me.

Main partition - Debian Lenny
Small partition - XP Home

well Josh I use both, like them both verry much!

I use both XP and Vista. XP on my notebook, Vista on my desktop.

I get to eXPerience the best of both worlds :slight_smile:

And where’s Linux Justin ? :smiley:

I use Vista Ultimate and I’m happy with it. And I like Leopard OS X too. :slight_smile:

Vista Ultimate & Home
XP Pro & Home
Ms.DOS 6.20
Mint (Vista in Linux)

*. Yes, all of them are installed on a different computers
*. All in the same room
*. Except for Ms.DOS, which is the neccessary thing to run Win’3.11
*. No, I don’t feel old! Uncle Ewen & Melih is…they’re Dinosaurs!

I forgot Win’2k & 2k3.