Which one better Zonealarm free or COMODO Internet security?

I have to ask the question. Which one is better?

I’m thinking to switch to ZoneAlarm because I was taken by their advertisement but I"m afraid of losing a secuity layer as ZoneAlarm free only offers the antivirus and firewall component while in CIS there is the defense+.

What do you think? Does COMODO fare well with ZoneAlarm or is it a step or two behind?

I think Comodo is much better. Did you try CIS?

CIS has antivirus, and in the beta it has Buffer Overflow protection, which the paid version of ZoneAlarm doesn’t even protect you from.


If you look at that site, that is the firewall only component. The free version of ZoneAlarm protects less than the paid version and look at how ■■■■■■ the paid version is. The firewall in CIS is so much better. Also, Comodo has fixed the bug in the release right ofter the one tested, so that new release will technically be first in the list. :wink: So, Comodo is the best, hands down. That site doesn’t even recommend the paid version of ZoneAlarm, so stay clear of all ZoneAlarm all together. So, with CIS, you get Antivirus, BO protection, Defense+, Firewall, and so much more. :slight_smile: Stay tuned for what’s to come months from now when even more technologies are rolled out.

In addition to security, I’ve heard ZoneAlarm is quite heavy on resources. :-TD
CIS/CF isn’t. :-TU

Hmmm…we’re on the COMODO forums. I think most people are going to say CIS here 88)…(including me ;)).
If you really want a non biased opinion maybe you ask somewhere on Wilders.

ehm, this is comodo forum,what do you expect? 88) ;D
check this site:


comodo is #2 and Zonealarm #9, that’s the answer


paperclip >:(

technically, comodo is #2, but in reality they’re #1, matousec just never tested it again. ;D

Hmmm hey tanks for all the replies.

I once dumbly allowed an extra network to connect to my PC and got all sort of problem because of it. In the end my internet connection failed altogether and my XP installation was corrupted.

CIS even refused to load up at start up sometimes.

But hearing from you guys have reassured me once more. I’m stikcing with COMODO. Now I’m gonna spread that site which ranks secuirty software to a girl which advised me to get ZoneAlarm.

COMODO is infectious. (V)

Did anybody compare the RAM with Comodo Int. Sec. and with ZA Int. Sec.?

Check Matousec and behold the truth. That’s all I’m going to say.


zonealarm shows you how many instrusion attempts it blocks.
comodo firewall’s logs are empty.
what gives?
is zone giving false sense of security?
is comodo blocking the same stuff but not reporting it because of some settings?

Welcome to the forum MANOJ91.

You will only find log entries if there are rules for which logging has been enabled, or in the case of WOS, if there are no rules, or logging has not been configured correctly.