Which laptop?

Hey guys and girls :wink:

Maybe next week or so, I will be getting my new laptop.
I have yet to decide between the new Toshiba Qosmio G50 with the Quad Processor based on the Playstation 3 CELL CPU and the Macbook Pro (default configuration).

They both cost the same in my country.
Looking to the overall features, I’d say that the Qosmio beats up the Macbook Pro. But, in the other hand, I never worked with Mac OSX and I must confess I would like to…

Qosmio - http://explore.toshiba.com/laptops/qosmio/G50/G55-Q802

Macbook Pro

What are your impressions about this 2 laptops, and which ever one I chose, will be a good asset?

I also would like to ask you something about clusters…

I know how to build one and all, but I do have a doubt regardin the different architectures involved. Is it possible to build a cluster using machines with different CPU’s… I mean, I know it is possible, but how difficult would it be, for example, to build a cluster, lets say, between a computer with an Intel CPU and a computer with a PowerPC CPU?

Tell me your thoughts folks… and thanks in advance…

Best regards

If your gonna play games, take Toshiba. If your laptop will be used for work and web-browsing - take Mac Book.

Why ?

On a Mac Book you can legally use diffrent OS’es. OS X, Windows, Linux. No matter which one. U can have OS X and XP or Vista and use them both. On a PC you can also use Os X, but that’s illegal and you may experience issues :slight_smile:
I like Leopard. I’m planning to completly move to the Mac side, once I configure it properly. I’m not saying Leopard isn’t vulnerable - there are viruses for Mac, but a lot, lot less, so any antivirus can handle those :slight_smile: No registry, means no registry cleaning and crap like that , when you uninstall, you simply drag the app to the trash can ;D Leopard comes preinstalled with apps that are actually usefull and easy to use. And it’s much more actively developed than Vista.
Personally I would go for Mac Book Pro.

Yeah, I know it’s possible to run OSX on a non-apple computer as well, but since it is not legal, I haven’t brought that up to discussion. There are at least 2 great foruns where people can learn more about that.

I like the Macbook Pro for all the reasons, also those you mentioned. It is just for that price it could just a little better… I was hoping that by now the prices would be taken more in account, but I got wrong. It’s the bloody taxes here…

About the security part, either if I take the mac or the toshiba, I will be running both behind a home-made firewall/router using Linux.

As for the use I will be giving, it will be for gaming (once in a while) and work. Maybe a mixture of both laptops would be neat? :wink: Dream on… dream on boy…

Perhaps I will be considering the macbook pro… and to be honest I am very found of it, but the new toshiba I talk about has the Quad core processed based on the Cell processor and to work with images and all, it is very great.

I still got some time to think about it… so…

Thanks for your reply :wink:

Go Mac!!

Then you will never deal with viruses or spyware again =) My sis bought one at the Sydney Mac Show in Australia here (Biggest Mac Store in world!) They are very powerful computers, look stunning.

I want a Mac one day… Only down fall is losing Comodo since Mac isn’t the type for security protection. :wink: Then again yes you can install different OS’s! :slight_smile:


Oh common, another naive one… I thought you could do better Josh …

Macintosh aint 100% secure, it has it’s virusses, only they’re just few. The reason therefore ? who cares about it… Microsoft has 90% of the market, it’s far better to concentrate on them…

I would say, go for the Toshiba … it’s better supported on programs


Haha, I would to go for the toshiba…

Since Win Vista… Microsoft has or going to loose a lot of customers… where are they going to go … Mainly Linux is going to be Number 1, Then Mac,… hopefully in my dreams they will go back to the DOS … but thats’ just me…

MAC Does have it’s ups and downs… but only reason MAC doesn’t have a lot of “Security” issues because barely anyone pays attention to MAC… so less people = less hackers/viruses…

I always say MAC is only for those who have their “Artistic & Multimedia” Wants & Needs… nothing else…

On the other hand you can have either linux or windows or even both…

so thats up to you


No one pays attention to MAC ? 88) It has 7 % of the market share and rising. Linux has only 2-3 %

Artistic & Multimedia" Wants & Needs → (:SHY)

Yes, but Market Share… has money right? if i’m correct?
a lot of distros are free?


You wanna say, that in reality Linux has 10 % of market share ? ???

No, I think it Mac has less then 5%… So it’s not really attractive for the hackers/malwaremakers


my friend once told me about goodwin laptop
this is the indonesian official page: http://goodwin.co.id.
i can’t find any other goodwin comp related stuff on google ???
it offers similar specification with my toshiba U205-S5034 with lower price :-TU

i’m a bloody good spammer (:HUG)

Hello there.

Thanks for all your thoughts.

It’s just to say that I made a mistake about the Toshiba. I thought that the one I made reference to, was the one with the Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 CPU, but it is only P7350 or something like that. Don’t quite remember.

Either way, I don’t know if it was an unhappy coincidence or not, but the laptop I am using broke up, just after I started this thread!!! Did it get sad? LOL

Anyway, I’m not sure I’ll be getting a laptop. I guess I’ll go for a desktop. I might build my own or perhaps get the Mac Pro.

The sudden change is that for the price they’re for those laptops here, I can build my own PC as good as the Mac Pro in terms of hardware and performance. Of course, I would have to give a little more money, but it would be more compensatory than just getting a laptop that doesn’t allow to make many improvements.

So, I really appreciate your comments so far, and keep them coming. I might advice one of my relatives to get either the Toshiba or the Macbook Pro.

As for me I don’t really care if the mac isn’t that addicted to viruses and all, as I will buid a hardware firewall using Linux, so… and I might even use Linux as the the main system as well. It isn’t that important if Windows is the most addicted to viruses… :wink:

Well, this changes the options if you want a desktop also :D…

I sujest you take a look in Dell’s online shop also, as they give great deals somethings (350 euros discount) and most of the time delivery free :).


Sorry for just getting back at you just now, but the computer has gone for repair for a few days and just got it back now.

As I mentioned before, I reconsidered and I guess that I will build my own machine. I can get a better one for the same price of an already assembled one.

Tomorrow I’ll research the hardware to build the computer. It’s a list that I had for quite some time now and hopefully the prices droped by now… heck is a 6 month to 1 year hardware list lol

Depending on the prices I will or will not build my own computer and get back to the idea of buying a laptop.

And talking about laptops, I’ve been seeing some Sony Vaio’s laptops and they seem nice. What do you guys think?

Appreciate all the thoughts so far! :wink:

Well I didn’t have much money on hand for buying computers, so I bought a Dell Inspiron 1525 (laptop). I really like it, OK for most of everything I do (I’m not a gamer, except for a flash game now and then ;D).

in my country, for a similar specs: Toshiba is cheaper than Vaio :stuck_out_tongue: