Which is your favorite site for free program downloads?

Which is your favorite site for free programs download if you know other sites for free program downloads please specify?


I think there are more than just 2 freewaresites. Look like softpedia and download.com . what about adding one with " other "


At the very least. :o

Anyway mine is


I use whichever site has what I want but tend towards Softpedia or one of the other big ones that has a good reputation and checks for spyware etc. Often go to the author’s site to get more information.

My preferred downloads sites

http://www.mdgx.com/ this tips site has a download section

EDIT: I almost forgot http://sourceforge.net/

http://filehippo.com/ . They even archive previous versions in case you have problems with an update.

Thank you very much for your collection of sites for free program downloads

NP. That was my main list

Sometimes I use these too:



Than than the ones listed like Filehippo etc, I just found this awesome site: http://thedutchjewel.awardspace.com/freeware.html

Your dutchjewel.awardspace.com rocks

Your knowledge of freeware sites is simply awesome! (:CLP)


Google SketchUp,
SpeQ Mathematics
Downloaded! :BNC

PS: I found another listing…

Hey guys ! VIS (turns out he’s a really nice guy) ;D showed me this really awesome website


it’s in Russian Bulgarian, but it’s really easy to navigate, even if you don’t understand the words :slight_smile:

(I hope you don’t mind VIS for posting this here :))

Off course- My favorite site for free software. They have the latest & greatest on there, & they also keep the old versions :wink:

Softvisia is a superb website thank you very much for this :SMLR

I’m so glad that you like website. A little mistake in your post, but no problem. We’re Bulgarians :slight_smile: If you don’t understand the language you can try the English version http://www.softvisia.net/
We’re working on new desing to post news, and it will be awesome :wink:

Now that’s another thing. (:CLP) Bookmarked.

Yes - worth borkmarking the English one!

How often is the list updated? FastStone Image Viewer is listed as 3.3B3 and it’s been 3.5 for weeks now.