Which is / was the best version so far of Comodo firewall and D+


Which was / is the best version (in your oppinion) of Comodo firewall and D+???


In my opinion that would be Comodo Firewall version 6.0. I do wish that there was a summary screen in the GUI, but the widget currently fulfills most of my needs anyway.

Thank you for your answer!

Version 6 was just released, so is somehow premature to say that is the best version.
I was trying to find out which was the best stable / bug free version in the past (for example a lot of users would prefer 5.10 versus 5.12)

So far I like the version previous to version 6.

So far I can’t stand version 6.

We updated 4 PC’s to version 6, 3 Windows 8 and 1 Win 7 and 2 of them are having issues.

My Laptop gets 1 second pop ups that I can barely read, every once in awhile a pop up will stay long enough for me to answer it.

On my gaming PC Comodo says “At Risk” and it won’t go away. I try to run updates, it says its up to date, I hit “Fix it” and it runs a diagnostics and comes back and says “Yep, there some errors but we can’t fix them” I look at the logs and there gibberish.

I uninstall Comodo, reboot the PC and install Comodo with the same issue. I then read about the Comodo removal tool. I try to run that and it can’t even find the Comodo firewall so nothing happens.

I do a removal again and then run CCleaner to try to clean up the registry and do another install of Comodo and you guess it, same issue again.

Back to my laptop. When I do get a pop up that I can answer I then try to look for it in the firewall rules and can’t. Even though I clicked on “Remember” I can’t find anywhere where I can adjust the rule. I’ve had this issue on all 4 PC’s. Trying to find a remembered rule to make adjustments escapes me.

I have other little complaints on v6 so I guess my favorite version of Comodo is any version but v6.

This is the first time in many years of using Comodo that I’m thinking about going with a different vender

For me version 6 has worked very well. I have there are some stability problems with version 6 in Windows 8. I do not think there are any major issues in this release. Hope this helps.

Version 5.12 is the best , its very easy to navigate , UI is super cool + i am using it for more than 2 years [UI]
the new UI comes with v 6 is i dont know what to say but certainly i dont like it , its very hard to navigate ,
It looks like comodo had sex with kasperesky and they breed new CIS v 6
I want them to make some changes to new Ui ,