Which is the latest version of free firewall & other questions

I’ve been using Comodo firewall for a while now, and I was wondering whether version 5.10.228257.2253 is the latest (I think it’s from spring 2012)? Check for update claims it’s up-to-date, though.

Also, if I install the firewall on a new machine, which download should I go for:
On the website, under “Home & Home Office Free Products”, there are two relevant downloads, namely “Internet Security” and “Comodo Firewall”. Which one of these is the right one (or the one I have on one computer)?
(I only need personal firewall protection, without any other perks such as antivirus, defense+ etc.)

Last, but not least: Which “phone home” activities does Comodo firewall perform and what are they for? I’ve seen numerous requests to various comodo*.com sites, especially ocsp.comodoca.com, crl.comodoca.com.

latest version of cis 5 is COMODO Internet Security Premium 5.12.256249.2599

Latest version of cis 6 is COMODO Internet Security Premium 6.0.260739.2674

CPF does have a cloud lookup facility that will call home. The program updater will call home and the entries you noticed are lookups to check the validity of executables digitally signed by Comodo Certificate Authority (it checks if certificates happen to be revoked).

But the cloud lookup facility is probably only used in case when “Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files” and “Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud” settings are checked? And if Defense+ module is completely turned off, there’s no calling home then?

The versions mentioned by DrHaze – is that for paid or free versions (I see the word “premium” there…)?

Hi MaxGue,
Premium = Free version.

I installed Premium and it told me I had 10 days trial before I needed to purchase a license to continue using it. Same thing for Pro.

As of 6.0 it seems CIS is no longer free.

That is wrong CIS Premium is still completely free. I installed it on two computers and have never seen any such notice. You must have installed the trial version of the paid product.

You do get a trial of the Geek Buddy service if you did not decline that during the installation process and you need to purchase a license to keep that. The CIS program itself is completely free and will not expire.

I downloaded the “premium” version from the link in the announcement thread, and it was bugging me to buy a license. The “free download” from the homepage points to the same installer. If there’s a FREE version of 6.0 I haven’t seen it.

Hi LouCypher,
Open the GUI of CIS and if it shows it to be Comodo Internet Security Premium, then it is the free version.
If it does not then please post a link to the download location.
If it does show as the Premium version, well as ‘Dch48’ pointed out it is most likely to be the trial version of GeekBuddy which can be unchecked during intallation if not required.
Go to Windows Programs and Features (Add/Remove programs with XP) and look for a GeekBuddy entry, if it is present this can be uninstalled without effecting your Comodo Internet Security.