Which is the correct free firewall download nowadays?

I have free Comodo firewall (with Defense+) version 5.10.something on my Windows 7 machine. Its “check for updates” shows two releases after that one, up to 5.12, pertaining to Windows 8 issues (I suppose that’s why I didn’t update it back then).

If I want to get the absolutely newest version (or install it on a Windows 8 tablet), which download do I pursue? Quick check around the website(s) I get these:

It’s a bit confusing at the moment, as I was on a “set it and forget it” course when I migrated to Comodo from Zone Alarm when it became bloatware… All I need is a firewall (I suppose Defense+ doesn’t hurt, but it’s not necessary).

You can get it from the release topic here at the forums if you like: COMODO Internet Security is released!. I always get it from there. So I don’t know for sure what version the official pages will deliver.

Thanks, I’ll check it out. If I get the one under “Comodo Firewall” link, is that only firewall, without Defense+ and other things?
Are the settings preserved on upgrades?