which is the best stealth mode?

is the stealth mode activated by default?

i did notice that firewall–>comon task–>stealth port wizard -->there 3 options

well i tried stealth my ports to everybody the 3 option , but after that i can’t use utorrent


Man your asking alot of questions. You need to delete your current global rules and apply. Then if you want to use uTorrent you need to select the P2P option in stealth port wizard. You also need to port forward your modem. Read this.


today i did a test with shieldsup
and i get this

Unable to connect with NetBIOS to your computer. The attempt to connect to your computer with NetBIOS protocol over the Internet (NetBIOS over TCP/IP) FAILED. But, as you can see below, significant personal information is still leaking out of your system and is readily available to curious intruders. Since you do not appear to be sharing files or printers over the TCP/IP protocol, this system is relatively secure. It is exposing its NetBIOS names (see below) over the Internet, but it is refusing to allow connections, so it is unlikely that anyone could gain casual entry into your system due to its connection to the Internet. [i]my info [/i] everal of your private names are being served up to the Internet by the Windows networking system. (see below) While it's unlikely that this information can be exploited, you should know what anyone can learn about you and your system.

Next-Generation PRIVACY THREAT is present!
The Media Access Control (MAC) address of the network interface card in your computer can be easily read by any computer or web server on the Internet. Yours is: …

The MAC address is a “guaranteed to be globally unique” 48-bit serial number embedded into every Ethernet network adapter ever made. The problem is you can’t change it — it’s like your machine’s unique indelible fingerprint — and it’s being made available to any web site (like this one) that you visit. In many ways it’s like a “super web browser cookie on steroids” that cannot be disabled or blocked by normal means.

Many people have become very upset over the unique serial number embedded into every Pentium III processor, fearing the invasion of privacy that such a “globally unique ID tag” would represent. But the exposed network MAC address problem is much worse since it’s already here, it’s fully deployed and available for the asking from most computers on the Internet! More importantly . . . it’s freely available from your computer.

Since the presence and significance of this has just occurred to me, I have not yet added background information about this problem to this website. Therefore, if this is a concern to you, please plan to return to this site a few days from now when you’ll find a thorough treatment of — and a solution for — this newly discovered significant privacy threat.

and at the Determine the status of your system’s first 1056 ports i get a failed :-\

Are you behind a hardware firewall? Shields Up passes for me without any software firewall installed cause my first layer of protection is my modem.

no i haven’t a hardware firewall , only comodo

If you run the stealth port wizard and select the option to “block all incoming connections” you should pass shields up with no problems.

yes with block all incoming connections i pass ,but it’s a global rule and i can’t use emule or utorrent

Your gonna need to use the uTorrent sticky I linked you too.

it’s a shame because i start to love comodo (L)
but what can i do ? stop comodo when i use utorrent …
but with outpost i passed every test and i could use utorrent without problems

i’m sure there is a way to use in comodo

Are you even reading my replies? Look at reply #2 where I sent you link for the uTorrent sticky.

Honestly speaking a router is your best defense against inbounds. You can pick up a Linksys anywhere for cheap. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=5250774&st=linksys&lp=1&type=product&cp=1&id=1051384663529

Yes i did read some when u wrote the #2 reply

but the stealth mode add some global rules and they (the global rules made by the full stealth ) block utorrent even i set it like trust program that is allow every kind of connection

Full stealth mode looks like what it states: blocks all incoming connections. That apparently conflicts with P2P like uTorrent that requires one port to act as the listening port, meaning for it to be opened. Best to look at the uTorrent thread for details.

yes i did but did not find an answer :frowning:

Your answer is there. There is like 10 pages on how to set up uTorrent. Even sded is telling you. Just get a router and be done with it. A router is your best line of defense.

hell i did all what there is in the link!
nothing i can’t get out (:AGY) (:AGY)

i’m very angry because i (L)

the all afternoon i tried but nothig

Go to Bestbuy or any other computer store and get a router. A hardware firewall beats any software firewall hands down for inbounds. I use Comodo mainly for the HIPS and program control.

mantra, if you use “Block all incoming connections” mode you should create a global rule equal to “Rule 1” (from the tutorial) and move it to a position higher than the last global block rule.
Also in the utorrent preferences → connection you must uncheck “Randomize port each time utorrent starts”

I tired telling him to read the uTorrent sticky. It worked for me after I followed what it said. Goo advice ggf.