Which is better? CFPv3 (sans SafeSurf) + CMF, or CFPv3 + SafeSurf ?

If seems to get the same technology installed for buffer overruns, I can do either of the following installation scenarios:

  • Install Comodo Firewall Pro v3 and include SafeSurf. After the install, I would uninstall the Ask toolbar but leave the SafeSurf software. Presumably SafeSurf guards against buffer overruns for more than just web browser apps.

  • Install Comodo Firewall Pro v3 but without SafeSurf. Then install Comodo Memory Firewall. Then I don’t have to uninstall anything.

I’ve read many posts that say SafeSurf uses the same technology as Comodo Memory Firewall (CMF). Okay, then why would I do a SafeSurf install instead of a CMF install? Is SafeSurf a newer version of CMF? Is SafeSurf really equal to CMF?

CMF covers all of your computer from Buffer Overrun.
Safesurf only protects your comp from Drive by download when you’re surfing the internet (the most common BO attack)

CMF is better since it protects the whole comp, but it’s still buggie. so you might wanna use the safesurf toolbar for now & wait for the CMF stable release :Beer

The latest version of CMF is stable on both my comps. Vista/XP
I did have a problem on Vista with previous version driver did not load on bootup.
EDIT Don’t really notice it after install now. only once it did not load on Vista this was on first boot after install of CIS Beta2.

Currently the CMF version that I’m testing is Just downloaded and installed today. Testing it inside a virtual machine (VMWare Server). It has loaded on several Windows restarts in the VM.

AFAIK there is no protection difference between Safesurf bundled with the firewall and CMF.

Safesurf protect all applications by default.


I prefered CF + CMF. But recently switched to CIS with safesurf, because received information (source is 100% trustworthy, but sorry cannot tell ya at the moment) that safesurf can replace CMF effectively, even if they differ in some manner.