which is better??? Avast or Comodo Internet Security? only 2 things holding me..

Here’s the deal: the only thing holdings me back from getting rid of Avast are: Avast’s shields, and bad reviews on Comodo virus definitions.

I’m wondering which one is better based on: features, stability, definitions, and defenses, also filtering in reviews.


I’m wanting to switch to Comodo, due to Dragon, IceDragon, Comodo Firewall, etc. I know that both Dragons have portable options in the installations (due to being on my USB). The definitions reviews and the Shields are the only 2.


I hear that the definitions were not what the reviews were saying and were fixed (they kept saying false positives, didn’t pass tests people were throwing at them [I saw a 76% review test on the definitions], etc.), and there is something equal to the shields that blocks something before it can effect my laptop, I will switch. These 2 things are the only things holding my back from switching to Comodo.

I switched from AIS to CIS because of the addition of the Kiosk feature. The only reason I was paying for Avast was their Safe Zone equivalent. I feel that CIS offers a higher level of security even at it’s default settings and in my experience is even more silent because of not getting firewall alerts for known safe things unlike Avast which will alert to all connections, safe or otherwise.

I personally don’t care what safe applications are doing and want them to be allowed to do what they need to without any interaction required by me. I want as much automation as possible while still providing strong security.

Avast charges you for the same things you get for free with CIS but CIS provides stronger security. That makes it a no-brainer for me.

In terms of overall protection Comodo leads the way. In terms of AV Avast leads the way… So?

Comodo Firewall and Avast free AV. Done.

Till version 5, protection was always excellent but due to popups I installed Avast on my family systems who are average users.

But with version 6, elimination of popups, kinda automatic & as always excellent protection I have installed CIS 6 on my family systems & no probs for them yet & have also started recommending CIS 6.

Between CIS 6 & AIS, for me definitely & will recommend CIS 6.

The Comodo AV has never performed great in a standalone mode but it functions very well within the framework of the entire CIS suite. Don’t forget that Comodo does not rely on signature detections as it’s primary layer of protection. The Behavior Blocker will flag anything new or unknown and depending on your settings, prevent it from doing harm.

How often are the definitions updated?

The default setting is every six hours but can be changed. Keep in mind though that the cloud lookup will kick in for anything without a signature. That’s if you have the cloud features enabled, which in my opinion, is mandatory.

What security features features does CIS have?

Please look over the help files, which can be found here. They should be able to give you an overview and you can ask us for any clarifications after you read it.


@OP: if you feel OK with Avast why not to keep it? With CIS you can meet unexpected difficulties (as it sometimes happen when you change security suits).

Which is better will forever be debated.

Comodos Defense+ mechanisms are very good at protecting the system from harm.

Really it comes down to personal choice.
I personally prefer to use the whole suite, IMO it greatly lowers the risk of programs conflicting now or in the future.

+1— I totally agree with using the full suite

ChaoticStorm… You said:

“The only thing holdings me back from getting rid of Avast are: Avast’s shields, and bad reviews on Comodo virus definitions.”

So it makes perfect sense to use Comodo Firewall and Avast AV! Does it not?

To ChaoticStorm,
Careful of all the FUD you can read on the internet.

Both are good programs and the choice is yours.
If you can’t decide, try both and then decide which product most suites your requirements. :slight_smile:

I’m switching to CIS.

I like the firewall, behavior blocker, auto sandbox, HIPS, Dragon, Kiosk, and the Rescue disk (I needed a rescue disk once, but could never find a program that had one. Now here’s one that does)

One question after I switch: what setting should I change to maximize the security and defense?

If you want the absolute maximum security then you should be prepared for lots of alert pop-ups. Though what is maximum security could be debated and I don’t think I’m the right person to decide that for you.

Ha ha ha LOL! Indeed. Paranoid mode for you is easy 8)

Well that can be debated, I do know what I would answer on alerts when in paranoid mode and I don’t mind answering loads of alerts but paranoid mode actually “breaks” my computer, blocks it from starting up properly etc and sometimes doesn’t give me alerts when something is blocked. So if it wouldn’t have issues like that then it would be relatively easy for me but since those issues are occurring for me I simply don’t use it like that and it’s really not easy to use it then.

The same for my comp with deleted TVL and HIPS on. Some apps just don’t start when they should and no popups from HIPS.