Which HIPS

Hi all

A bit of help please. I have the latest, non beta version of Comodo Firewall. Win XP SP2. I see that the latest CPF beta includes a HIPS and is nearing its release as a fully fledged version.

I have several HIPS installed to complement CPF, for example GesWall, Spyware Terminator HIPS enabled and CyberHawk.

My question is this - How wide ranging is CPF HIPS, Can it replace other installed HIPS without any disadvantage. Which of those outlined above can be disabled.

PLEASE NOTE This is not a question about which is best. It is about rationalisation and reducing memory footprint

Thank you for your help


Hey Terry,

Slight correction - the latest CFP beta does not include a HIPS component, the latest CAVS beta does.

The HIPS component in CAVS2 is more application specific than a traditional entry vector focussed HIPS. The HIPS component for the firewall (slated for relase in version 3) is supposed to be the bees knees, but no-one outside of Comodo has seen it yet. Melih seems to have his knickers in a twist (not a picture to conjure with) over it and reckons it has some totally new, innovative protection methods built in.

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. If you do really have three HIPS already installed, its probably a good thing your posting was about rationalisation. :wink: