Which "high threat" alerts are serious?

I was curious as to what alerts should really be noticed and which shouldn’t. My ATI card has active services which connect to the internet for updates and I am often being notified that they are trying to act as a server and this is listed as a high threat notification. A lot of the high threat warnings I see I can easily explain. Things like port scans and other suspicious activities I can also identify and recognize but I was curious about some malformed/fragmented packets. I understand the purpose of these things as far as system scanning and attacking but I see that they source is sometimes MY IP address. Can anyone explain to me why?

I just cleared my logs so that I could actively monitor at my PC while I am on this evening but as I recall any of the fragmented/malformed packets which come FROM my computer are often related to Azureus ports. I had a few defective torrent downloads and I was wondering if that could be the reason why. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


i have been using azureus for a couple years now and i had zonelabs befor, it failed me :frowning: but i found comodo so it all worked out, i have never seen any malformed packets or anything like your speaking of on a “normal azureus” port, how ever once i accidently activated a trojan in a file i downloaded and it sent messed up tracking packets from an open azureus port befor AZ was finished starting up, maybe you have a keylogger or trojan or mailware tring to use the AZ ports?

If you are using Azureus and torrent, they may be conflicting using the same port. Are you behind a router? You may have to reset it or adjust settings. You can also download Hijackthis and post a scan, just use the additional options and post as attachment. If you don’t have a suspect on your pc then it is probably just the settings since coming from your pc. It’s hard to tell right now without logs to show but if you can get the Hijack this log, and get a CPF log after a bit, it would be appreciated.


Apologies, I didn’t look at how far back this was posted, if you solved this , just ignore this and I can then delete it.