Which files need to be recovered to avoid re-training after reinstall?

Hi All!

My computer died a tragic death. I have the boot drive install in an external housing. I’ve saved the c:\ProgramData and c:\Users directory.

I’m going with a clean install of windows 10 and I will reinstall the Comodo free firewall afterwards.

I would like to avoid having to go thru the entire training process again if possible. Are there files I can recover from the c: drive before I wipe it and restore the the new one that has all of firewall settings that I can restore to the newly built machine?

If this is possible, I’d really appreciate it if someone could point me at the proper files.



To restore your firewall rules, you’ll need to import a backup of your configuration, if you made one.

General Settings->Configuration->Export/Import

To recover your Trusted Files:


Thanks so much for your help!

I’ve taken a look at that link and located those files in my recovered data.

It looks like I’ll be good to go.