Which files are really safe?

As I understand Defense+ treats all files of trusted vendors as safe (if option is enabled). The trusted vendors list contains among others Microsoft and Mozilla Foundation. This would make IE and FF safe files. But for browsers every now and then there are published security fixes. Isn’t that funny? “Safe” files that always need security fixes?
Safe files in the safe files list are only “safe” because they are digitally signed. This doesn’t say anything about the safety of the functionality of the file. How does it make sense then to call any file “safe”?

I’ve had this same argument about mIRC. The devs haven’t added it to the Safe Files list because running it is potentially dangerous, but, the file itself isn’t a danger. I have to add it to My Own Safe Files.

This is sort of the opposite of what you are asking. Firefox and IE, in themselves, are not dangerous to your system, although using them may be. If Comodo is asked to make decisions on every bit of software that connects to the Internet that could potentially be dangerous, you probably wouldn’t be able to use anything that connects to the Net.

Snicker: Speaking of allowing Microsoft, Windows is Microsoft and it always needs security flaws fixed, maybe Comodo should just block Windows from booting, we would be totally safe then! ;D

Personally, I’ve got FW and D+ Settings for TRUST or CREATE RULES for so-called safe/trusted vendors/files unchecked. I left them ticked when I first bought this pc in January, but just long enough to install my AV, AS and foundation programs. Then I went back in and unchecked them.

I don’t trust anyone. I have Trusted Vendors unchecked in both D+ and Sandbox. I don’t mind a few more pop-ups every now and then…

This is the very reason I’m unhappy with Comodo continually putting vendors in my trusted vendor list after I trim it down. It’s pretty safe to say that if I’m unfamiliar with a vendor/product, I most definitely do not want it trusted on my system. I don’t really care if the application is digitally signed and many in the community use it happily. If I don’t use it and have no plans to ever use it, it’s just silly for Comodo to assume I trust it… 88)

I TOTALLY agree Grizzly and HeffeD. That’s why I Unchecked that feature in the FW, D+ and SB. I don’t trust vendors but Microsoft, and on some things, not even them :slight_smile:

I am happy to see that others think the same way as I do about the trusted vendors list.

If COMODO want’s to make this feature more useful to “paranoid” users they should separate the COMODO list from the users personal list. Who likes can activate COMODO’S list, who doen’t can maintain one’s own list.

Well I just didn’t like several of the vendors I saw on the list. I deleted a bunch of them off my GUI list and added one or two vendors of my own.

Yes, this is something that has been on the wishlist for a long time. It’s also very confusing that Comodo adds vendors to the list and they are listed as being defined by the user…

Personally, I wish they only trusted the OS vendors and security software vendors…nobody else. Then the USERS themselves really would have to decide if they trusted the vendors of what they are downloading/installing. Of course, there are some who would say “reputable” is subjective and opinion is always up for debate, is it not?. :slight_smile:

well becasue 1% of the users want it that way does not mean it should be that way for everyone. It would make the software totally unusable for 99% of the others who just want it to work. But just be happy comodo give yous the option to turn it off if you don’t want it. That is the perfect compromise, it’s on for everyone and if you know what you are doing and what you want, you can change CIS to act however you want it too. Totally quiet to asking you about everything, your choice.

The addition of all these other vendors being added to the list stemmed initially from users complaints that D+ was too noisy. They wanted all the security of a HIPS product, but they didn’t really understand what this security level entailed and were upset by all the alerts they received when installing anything. So in response, Comodo chose to add all these vendors to their list in order to curtail the complaints.

I personally feel the list should be kept to a bare minimum, and that aside from a few obvious vendors such as Comodo or Micro$oft (Not that I really trust M$, but since I’m using their OS, it’s a bit silly to say I don’t trust them…) the only vendors on my list should be vendors added by me. After all, it is called My Trusted Software Vendors. Not Comodo’s Trusted Software Vendors.

I have no problem with the fact that there are many who like the way the list is populated. I would just prefer it if Comodo asked me before adding vendors to my list.