Which DNS to use?

I am a bit confused as to which DNS should I use for Comodo Secure DNS… Should I use, or, ?

I understand the former is for beta version, how it to use? are there any issues or Should I just use the later… and Is there any difference between the two…? and also, how to determine if Secure DNS is working? and are the IPs for Comodo Secure DNS 2.0, which includes beta features such as content filtering. Secure DNS 2.0 includes an optional administrative panel and is on a new network powered by DNS.com. The other IPs are for the existing Comodo Secure DNS network which comes with basic anti-malware protection.

You can apply for a Secure DNS 2.0 account at http://securedns.dns.com/accounts/register/

The setup guide and documentation for Secure DNS 2.0 are available at http://securedns.dns.com/switch/

If you suspect Secure DNS is not working, please let us know what issues you are experiencing and open a support ticket at http://support.comodo.com/ to receive a response from a staff member.

I had the same question so that part is solved.

Now my next question is the phrase “malware”. Does the, protect against all malwate like trojans, virusses, worms, rootkits or does it just filter known bad sites from a list?

Try this for all DNS servers and their speeds