Which Configuration Should I Chose?; How to change Configurations

Some people have asked, “Which CIS Configuration Should I Chose?” Well, here I well tell you a bit about them.

Credits to “3xist” and “CGPMaster”

  • Optimum Security is the configuration you imported from CFP 3.0.
  • Internet Security is the DEFAULT installation configuration on a clean installation, And is the most recommended. You will get FAR less pop ups, and works well with any good AV, and you still maintain good security. Things like Image Execution are disabled, and only some Monitor Settings are activated because of AV Software & the upgraded technology in D+ & Firewall. I recommend this one for average users.
  • Proactive Security is like CFP 3.0, everything is checked in Defense+, Image Execution is Normal, All Monitor Settings are checked. It’s just like CFP 3. This is the configuration for advanced users that would like to know what is going on.
  • AntiVirus Security - Firewall Turns Off With Defense Enabled with Default Options
  • Firewall Security - AntiVirus Turns Off With Defense Enabled with Default Options

Note: Always export your favorite/most used configuration file. See this topic (by me :P).

How to change Configurations (Credits to me haha)


~Jeremy Bost

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