Which Comodo Software to use?

Hi, I have Comodo antiviirus and firewall pro installed on my computer. I would like to know should I upgrade to Comodo Internet Security?

It Seems To Sound Like You Have CAVS 2?

If So, I Would Recommend That You Do Upgrade.

CAVS 3 Is One Of The Built AntiVirusSpyware Program I’ve Seen So Far,
But Since It’s Still Brand New, And Not “Known” I would Substitute it With Avira AntiVir PE (free-av.com)


Did this help?

If you have had no infection problems with CAVS2, you have nothing to lose by changing to CIS.

The AV MAY not have the best detections yet, but that is only a part of the story and I for one have been delighted with this program, which runs like a dream.

Since the first beta, nothing has got past it on either of my systems.

Go for it!

You can see a video review of CIS here: http://remove-malware.com/uncategorized/comodo-internet-security-review-35/#comments

It was rated Awesome by the malware removal guy (Matt), Who will be putting CIS on his clients PC’s when they request something free. the AV in CIS is also one of the fastest on-access (Real time) scanners in the world, and you will hardly notice any performance impact.